What do you do?

There’s plenty of money out there. They print more every day. But this ticket, there’s only five of them in the whole world, and that’s all there’s ever going to be. Only a dummy would give this up for something as common as money. Are you a dummy?
— Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This is a hard one. I thought I will answer this question to everyone and also to myself. Because, every time I get asked this question, I go blank. Although I would have thought about it, analysed it, over-questioned and over-thought about it a thousand times over. Most of the time my answer is 'nothing', sometimes it's 'I'm jobless' and then the occasional 'um,

I'm a photographer and blogger'

and then in my head i go 'really??', and then the chain of over analysis begins...its a vicious circle. 

Photography started as a hobby during my recovery period. Instagram was booming and I was hooked. I followed everyone and fell in love with the art. I loved how differently people saw - the angles, the filters, the light and the composition glued me in. After 3 years of taking pictures, some random, some posed, one wedding and meeting with many, many Instagrammers and learning from them, I still feel there is so much to learn. i'm still falling in love with this art, i'm not an 'influencer', but i love creating content. it keeps it fresh and interesting, for me more than anyone else. 

Blogging and creating this website unfolded after my trip to Europe. I was bursting with ideas and I wanted to pour it all somewhere. During this time, i remembered I had told Fred (the husband) to buy this URL for me - rasamsambar. This was again one of those, as Oprah calls it,


moments. It all started when i wanted to change my Instagram handle from my regular name to something else, something different. And this name came as soon as I thought of the change. If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a big believer of achieving something organically; to just let things happen, to believe in good energy, and the cosmos if you will.

So, when the name struck, it stuck.

And so, the husband bought the site and I couldn't think of a better time to put it to use.

Creating this website from scratch with little to no help was the best, BEST part.

And looking back at all those nights I spent creating this little baby were worth every second. 

Homemaker. Now, this part came when we shifted from my Mom's place to an apartment for just the two of us. The process has been so satisfying and gratifying. The whole place came together so beautifully and organically. The idea of decorating the place, to in cooperate both our styles and ideas was such a fun process. Moving in to this tiny space was the best thing we did as a couple. We had to work out so many things from the expenses to the savings to buying the groceries to cooking breakfasts, lunches and dinners and also somehow in cooperate exercising into our routine, it has all been such a learning for the both of us. I love the space we've created and I love being at home. So, spending time here or for that matter, spending time with myself has never been a big issue.

The question -

what do you do with yourself the whole day

- has been the toughest to answer. But after a lot of thinking, I've come to realize the following:

1. I love being at home.
2. I love being with myself.
3. I love creating.
4. I love photography
5. I love writing

With anything in life, you have got to love what you do. that is the most important thing, isn't? But all this still means nothing when I'm not making the money you see and I still get this question along with career advise I don't need. People trying to get me to do something that can be put in monetary value frustrates me. 

Numbers somehow take away the joy of creating or doing something that makes you happy. 

So this a message to me and anyone else caught up in this number game or do something game, or your just lost -  just do you. Pursue what you love and keep at it. Create, or click or learn what you like. Believe in the process, and give it time. 

Even though I was in the eye of the hurricane three years back, and then some; once its clears there's nothing but beautiful sunny days that I am so grateful for.

I am just being and letting everything be.