The Colour of Money

I've been brought up in a family where money never took center stage because we've seen what it does to people, how greed and the selfish pursuit of it can make or break one. Dad has always told us to do what we love and to never see money as the ultimate goal; if you enjoy what you do, then money will come automatically.

Money is probably the most inconsistent part of life.

My parents emphasized on the essence of happiness, honesty, sincerity and hard-work. Growing up I've seen them working hard to provide for the family, not just my brother and I, but my extended family as well. However successful they got, they always prioritized family and this is exactly the values that have been passed on to my brother and I.

I suppose this is why I didn't think twice when it came to changing lanes on the career front as well. After a 4 year sabbatical, I realized I have a passion for photography and writing; keeping my long term vision in mind, I wanted to change my career from the travel industry to the content/marketing side. I started looking out seriously from last July, applying to companies, talking to people in the domain, redoing my resume a thousand times and attending interviews. I thought companies would be impressed by this website and my blogs, but I was in for a surprise.

Although they seemed impressed and excited at the interviews, I never got a call back - I don't know if it was because I mentioned I was a Kidney transplant recipient (liability for the company?), or that I had no real experience in the field or both - I will never know!

Although this was happening on one side, the other side saw my family persuading me to go back into the travel field where I have many friends and colleagues working, had a degree in it and the experience! So getting in and drawing a handsome pay wouldn't have been a big deal at all. But even thinking of the prospect beamed a big red flag in my head. Because of the experience, I knew how much I didn't enjoy it.

And so, I stuck to my guns and marched on.

Today I'm happy to say that I have started working for a content writing firm with like minded people. They lended me a hand just when I needed it and for that, I'm grateful. I just completed a month on Friday (8th Feb). I love that I'm able to use my skill and talent as a writer and my artistic side for creating content. Even though January was the toughest month, going to work was something I looked forward to.

I've also decided to keep this website on this very platform paying Rs.1138 every month from my 1.2 lakh p.a salary

(Did the math? Good, it's important)

After 4 years, I am stronger in so many ways.

I’m a ‘content’ content writer!

P.S. Within a year of my transplant, I started working reluctantly for a small sum at the cost of my mental health. I knew I wasn't ready to work, I was fragile and vulnerable mentally and wasn't ready to be given responsibility when I was still figuring my new life. I remember how sending an email or working on a small assignment got me frustrated and all I wanted to do was to run back home. I was depressed and anxious all the time. After a three month period, I couldn't take it anymore, I sought therapy and with that, I got the courage to stop. Now looking back, working was possibly the worst thing to do at that time. But now, I’m at a very happy place and the fact that I’m able to multi-task is a personal achievement for me.

It’s my humble advise dear readers, to always keep yourself and your family as #1.

if anyone tells you otherwise,

say - THANK YOU, NEXT!!!