Let's talk about Sex


I see people changing their profle pictures to black background on Facebook. This trend generally comes to show solidarity; i remember the 377 law in India sometime back where everyone had some rainbows in their profile picture - nothing changed did it? Gay rights is still debated, not accepted and criminalised in India. And now with Asifa. An eight year old girl, drugged and raped for days while inside a temple.  I wish things changed like that - change your profile picture, collect signatures, sign petitions and get this to stop. Get the accused hung. Get Asifa justice. I wish things were this simple.

But this requires effort. Constant Effort. Right from sex education, to even sending children to co-ed schools, (why do girls/boys schools still exist?),  children need to know 'good touch' from a 'bad touch', EDUCATE!! We need to be able to talk about sex to our children, talk about protection. we need to talk to our boys and imbibe substance, character and emotional intelligence. They need to be taught that aggression is not the answer / the solution, to take no for an answer, to feel okay to cry, to show vulnerability, to not just protect but also how they can teach their women how to protect themselves. It has to start from the grassroots. It has to start from the family. The more you talk, the more comfortable, the more confident and aware our children will become. I say children here and not specifically boys because as adults, we have a responsibility to protect and educate not just the boys, but the girls too. 

So let's talk. Start the change.