The Eighth Day - Ep 8 - Gratitude Love Humility

Pushing the Limits of my incapacity, yes, I'm not afraid to use this word for it is very humanizing. My story is in the way that trite adages such as 'Mind over matter' will only get me as far as agreeing to receive and or making do with my own weaknesses and inabilities.


I've lived an appreciably dormant life since I became paralyzed below the neck and never really showed keenness in trying to gauge the extent of my endowment, or what's been left of it. But I've often felt swayed by the air of my own dissonance, which is rightfully set off by the kindness, ardor and will of those that I love, to try something different. A break from the mundane, as they put it. These gentle compulsions frequently eventuate in fluky, fortuitous escapades that leave lingering smiles on all our faces. The fringe benefit of pretty nearly all these outings is indubitably the connections I make with people. There's something so cathartic  and refreshing about letting your guard down and subsequently recognizing how it is reflected in those around you. This reciprocity is something that I value immensely.


The exploits do take a toll on my body, however, and I find that my recovery is suffused over half a day. But the process of sizzling up then simmering down and consolidating all that has been, is enriching beyond description. Catalyzing the opportunity to flavor the experience of being gladdened and indebted, a feeling so consuming that in its immersion I feel intoxicated yet grounded and that much closer to my source.