Don't touch my hair

Oprah Hair.png

This affair has been a lifelong one. The love for my hair and the things mother and I have done to care for it. From applying mehndi, to then mehndi with coffee decoction for more colour, then some mixture of mehndi with hibiscus leaves and curry leaves to promote growth etc etc. We've all done it I'm sure. Up until my 10th, I always had long hair because I was a bharathnatyam dancer, after that chapter came to a close and I joined pre-university, I got permission from mother dearest to chop it, do whatever I wanted with it. Since mom has always had long hair, and no one allowed her to cut them off, she was more than willing to let me run wild with my hair. When I say wild, I don't mean colour and bleach my hair, No, I just mean with the cut and the length. I was never really interested with coloring my hair, I've always like my natural colour; light brown. But, the length and the cut, I always given free reign to the stylist to do whatever he/she pleased. So from college, I've cut my hair then grown it all back and then cut it all again many, many times. Thankfully, my hair doesn't take too long to grow right back. 

Back when I got married, I grew my hair again only to chop it all off a month later. this time around, I got a bangin' bob and also got highlights. It looked horrible. I hated it; not the bob but the highlights. I decided the next time I colour, I'll colour it all. 

But the shortest I've gone in my adult life was just a couple of days before my transplant; i wanted to have a stress-free recovery, and that meant, not caring about the way I look. So I went and chopped it all off; I got myself a pixie. Yes, I looked like a little boy, but, I loved it and it was the most comfortable hair style I had. I didn't have to worry about the nurses making a mess of my hair, or my catheter (dialysis) coming in the way, it just opened up a lot of space and I didn't have to bat an eyelid. And with all the medications that were introduced to my body, I experienced a lot of hair loss too. I did what I could, stayed calm. From then, I cut it again, got myself a 'one-side-long-one-side-short', sort of hairstyle which was an amazing look, but it messed up my hair. My hair grew in all directions and in different lengths! That took time and patience (from my side), to grow out. During this time I read about this miracle DIY to promote hair growth using an household ingredient you will not bellieve. I will post the instructions on the next blog. Back to topic - I did one last cut in December from a new place I discovered, (you can find them here), and decided I will grow my hair, long. I often noticed Rock Paper Scissors on my way to Indiranagar. What I came to know later was that the owner and I went to the same school and that made me so happy and comfortable. My haircut looked amazing to say the least. 

Come my 30th Birthday, I decided to do something different with my hair, again. I knew I didn't want to cut or color it, I wanted to do something else. After analyzing my hair I decided to get it smoothened. Cut off all the frizz and fly-away's the previous cuts had left. I wanted smooth hair, straighter than my normal hair and more manageable. So after researching, I decided to go in for a hair treatment called the Cystine treatment. I read and researched and spoke to the hairstylists at the same salon to know more. Since this was the first time I was going in for such a treatment and an expensive one (8k), I was apprehensive and anxious about the results and the aftermath. I was also edgy with the amount of heat they would use. After a sit down with the hair expert, who so patiently explained the process and the do's and don't, I was ready. The treatment was a two day process; don't worry it took a total of 4 hours for the whole thing, it went very well and the results looked great! (You can read all about the treatment here.) It's been a month now and my hair has grown longer and this time - straighter, shinier, smoother and frizz-free!! I love how manageable it has become, I don't have to break my head thinking how to style my hair. One less stress. hallelujah!  

Here are a few pictures of me during different stages of my life with different hair cuts. It goes from when I was a tiny thing to my present look :) 

I know, hair is a very personal, touchy topic for many, and for this reason, many don't experiment as much. I think, Hair is the quickest way to transform yourself. With one hair cut you can look and feel like an entirely different YOU. And what's best, it grows back. So, I urge you (who's ever reading), to take that chance, that risk and get that colour and cut. It's the one thing in life you can truly experiment with, without facing any serious backlash. People will always say otherwise, but 'log ka kaam hai kehna' or something, right?