Come a little closer..

One of the best things that happened on my 31st birthday (Feb 1) was that my brain child (this website) got re-activated after an 11 day shut down due to external factors.

All this time I’ve been silent, but my fingers have been itching to speak.

So, I’m going to let her loose on the keyboard and open my book a little more for you all to see.

I will also be shifting this page onto another platform in a few days. Hopefully, it will look exactly the same - fingers crossed! Anyone with Squarespace experience please contact me!

Other than this, life has again taken a 360 and has had me standing on my head for the past month. January has been my most challenging month by far. It might look like one month, but to me it felt like a year.

my kidney failure and transplant has been the most singular experience of my life that has shown me a myriad of colours in people and it continues to do so.

From nearly killing me, it has brought me back to life and how!

From the past two years, writing has helped me heal in ways I never imagined. I even got a job as a content writer because of it! And so dear readers, I will continue to write my experiences and feelings and everything in between to help me and other lost souls like me.

If you are reading this, let me be your guiding light!

There are emails I haven’t responded to and I apologise. I will write to you soon. I want to thank you all for your love and support. I will keep writing and will keep this website alive.


Me, on my birthday! :)

Me, on my birthday! :)