Makeover - Ep 1

Hi. Its been a while since I came here.. And you must have a ton of questions about my whereabouts; well I'll tell you even if you don't. June was about 'doing' for me. Not writing, not saying, but doing. I recently collaborated with a Makeup artist and an accidental friend, 'Ms.AK'. It started with hunting for a decent makeup artist for my sister's wedding. My sister trusted this duty on me and I had to find the very best. What started as a formal relationship quickly turned into a creative collaboration. What brought us together you ask - makeup. Our mutual love for all things makeup, beauty gurus and not to forget our connection to the motherland, Kerala; all seemed just fitting for us to work together. Befriending her has been an adventure.

I've always been attracted to makeup - when I was a small little thing I used to watch my mom transform by her choice of clothes, dash of perfume and of course makeup. I would always dream about sneaking into her makeup box filled with nail polishes and makeup, only to steal them away. The earliest memories I have of having makeup on me was when my sisters would get hold of me and use my face as their canvas during stay overs or on my many birthday parties. Now there was just one product they would use in the most productive way and that was the universal lipstick. The lipstick that turned into an eye shadow, blush and of course her true form lipstick. When I was learning Bharatanatyam, a moment I would always look forward to before hitting the stage was the makeup room, even if it was the cakey foundation slapped on my face, the over dramatic eye makeup, the heave handed use of the blush and the brightest, darkest red on my lips; I loved it all. And then growing up to watch my older sisters get ready to hit the club and eventually experimenting with the plethora of colours myself, screwing up a million times but always learning and improving my hand. And now this. Perfect. 

Makeup amongst other things has evolved, thankfully. One of the things that brought Ms.AK and I closer was our fondness of makeup and youtube beauty gurus. Again, I go back to my recovery period because along with photography, makeup was another thing that got my attention. Watching these videos was another way I kept myself distracted. I watched so many of them to understand the art. It is an art. An art many girls don't fully understand; girls who look at makeup and get scared, who wear makeup just to make her 'fair', girls who still wear their mother's loud, jarring and old makeup on their face. That bride who less than a month to her wedding will go and get everything waxed off, peeled off, and then some; to finally find outbursts on her face that look like craters on the moon on her wedding day. We want to reach out not only to the girls but to the boys as well. I know for a fact that men take care of their skin as much as the women, don't deny it! Ms.AK and I also have a deep connection with the kitchen and it's many beauty secrets we want to reveal; simple and effective solutions to skin problems that will not break your bank. And that's what I hope to bring with this collaboration.

Another reason we are collaborating is to push ourselves out of our comfort zone - she with her monotonous 'playing it safe' brides and me with improving my skills of portrait photography - which I admit I'm horrible at, but I'm optimistic. Having her with me gives me courage and motivation to learn both art forms. I'm sharing some of the pictures I took at the wedding as well as some from a photo shoot we recently did. Your comments both negative and positive will be of utmost help. 

So go on. I'm all ears :) 

Thanks and Cheers!

P.S : I'm open to anyone who wants to take the risk and give me a pose :) Leave me a message!


Photography - Yours truly