The Eighth Day - Ep 1

"An inclement Saturday evening set the perfect scene for me, to try and find words that could act as an overture to my entry into the world of blogging. The breeze felt crisp and carried the echoes of thunder, that rumbled away at a distance. The seasonal splashes moistened only parts of the city. Indiranagar almost always finds itself in a protective pocket, well sheltered from the full Glory of Bangalore rains. April showers on the last day of April. Hope springs eternal."

- L

One warm evening, after some hot coffee and dosas, Lakshmi and I began mulling over the idea of a collaboration. Something we could do together, other than meeting and eating and conferring about nothing and everything. Our discussions often range from utter nonsense gossip to in-depth, heavy, worldly matters. 

We chanced upon this phrase, her and I, when we were having a conversation that evening. It wasn't a regular tete-a-tete but a real heart to heart. This is an excerpt of one those afternoons we decided to call our time together 'the eighth day'. This is us trying to explain to each other our own version of what 'the eighth day' could also mean...

R : So apparently, when god was done creating this beautiful place called heaven (here) he took another day to sit and stare at the wonder he created. He sat back, chilled with a glass of that good stuff, listened to some MJ and Beatles, and just took some well deserved break. For us it could be one of those days you have all to yourselves, perhaps you have called in sick at work, perhaps your on holiday, perhaps your in the bathtub relaxing, at the spa OR its just you all alone by yourself questioning the cosmos sitting or laying down in your dark room with the only light from your tab / phone laptop and you want some peace and quite. 

L : It refers to the metaphorical 8th day of the week. The time that I would like to give myself, to feel enriched. The 8th day of the week, is something we all possess but never admit to having in the first place.

In This conversation about the 8th day you can see the vast difference in our personalities. While I'm all over the place, giving my million thoughts and opinions, Lakshmi somehow sums it up so perfectly without all the show. later that week sent me this ode:

"Once upon a Friday evening
The perfect time for some soul screening
I looked for something I could alter
Fearing not that I may falter
Pretentious as I may seem
My intent is good, nice and clean
The ebb and flow of inspiration brought
Words not spoken, only thought."

Welcome to the 8th day, a space where you will read conversations between us and also read pieces from my guest writer and dearest friend Lakshmi. I couldn't have asked for a better guest writer than Lady L. Thank you.

P.S - The eighth day is also inspired by the song sung by the Beatles - 'Eight days a week'.