March 27th - April 1st have been creatively mind blowing for me. It all started with me re-discovering Alanis Morissette and her free flowing hair and thought provoking lyrics that made me realize that there are times when you rediscover something and you think why didn't you see this / hear this before. I was so conditioned to listening to mainstream, 'in the now' category of songs that were all about sex and how to turn a woman on / off, how to get her wet etc. And now you have strong female artists also writing about their own sexual take and strength and show us that all this somehow stands for 'feminism' whilst also talking about sex and how to get them turned on and what and how they would hold a dick. While the beats for these mentioned songs were and are really enjoyable, I reached a point where I couldn't get away from it. Until a radio channel played one of her songs and it hit me like a bullet - why aren't you listening to me?
What started from there was me discovering more artists like Labrinth, Leon Bridges, Emile Sandi, and a few other legends like Shereyl Crowe, Bryan Adams, even Usher. These guys wrote about life as they observed and lived and the lyrics were poetry; honestly I had to google some of the words Alanis was singing about. 

Friday: Talks about a new collaboration with a very very familiar face. A face I have grown up with, played with, laughed with, danced and sang with. Its finally happening after a few failed attempts - mine. We were meant to be here, to know each other, however sadistically life brought and kept us together - I see it now. You will know her soon. I want you to know her and love her as much as I do. I know you will. 

Saturday: I finally went to the 'National Gallery of Modern Art' - a place I've been wanting to go to for a long time, but never got to it. Mr.Husband and I finally went over. Again, it hit me like a bullet. I never imagined a place like this even existed in my city. They took an old beautiful building and converted it into the residence for hundreds of paintings and sculptures. The building and the art within collided so seamlessly. It was as if I was in art and viewing art at the same time. It was aesthetically peaceful and pleasing to the eye and soul.. The Banyan trees that surrounded the place added another deep rooted perspective and gave the place character. I skipped like my 10 year old self when I bought two poster size copies of two artists I admired - Jamini Roy and Amrita Sher-Gil. 

The 23rd Hour: I sat to listen to more Alanis while surfing the web. Looking for inspiration. I found it on my phone. Waiting for me was a message from a Mr.V who sent me a video of an artist featured at this years Kochi Binnale - KR Sunil. It was such a riveting video encompassing moving images of this tiny little habour village called Ponnani, his detailed account of people he met and this journey that he undertook visiting this part of Kerala that remained unchanged with time. His perspective reminded me of how I too someday want to perhaps move to Kerala and visit these lesser known parts. Although I come from her, I don't know her at all. I will one day. 

The 24th hour: From KR Sunil and his powerful story and images I went back to Alanis. Looking through my own little creation, this website. With thoughts swaying between the collaboration to creating a whole new website I found myself to be aloof with my ideas. Fooling around my page and stumbled across Shantanu Starick - a photographer whose website and pictures are unlike anything I've ever seen. Again hit like a bullet. His ideas, thoughts, pictures were full of fresh new perspective. He traveled and still is traveling the world without shelling out a single penny. He trades his services for Food, shelter and transport. Boom. Think these few days have been an explosion of all sorts of ideas, stories, and through all this, a fresh new perspective. 

The 8th day: I feel happy. My hands are itching to write all I experienced. My eyes burn and my back hurt. It's 2:33 am. Sunday. I need a few more minutes before I call it a day.