A teachers life

AGCC High school
This (the picture banner above) was one of the first pictures taken from the '77-'78 batch of 'Ambujammal Gadi Chelvaraya Girls High School', four years before my mother joined. I recognize three teachers in this picture and cannot believe how young they were when they joined. This school has been my mother's pride and joy for 36 glorious years. She joined this school at the age of 23; three years before she got married and four years before she had my brother. I don't remember one day she has whined or complained about teaching, she loves spending time grading papers, preparing lessons and teaching. Since this is a government aided school most kids come from low income families with broken families.. so mum and her colleagues do their best to educate and help their kids grow and develop. This doesn't mean she is soft on them... 'Spare the rod and spoil the child' is not a phrase she's familiar with. But the students became an extension of her; being a government aided school, all her students come broken families, so she and the other teachers try and make school a safe place for the kids. During the years she has helped kids grow and develop in school, she would often at time bring her class 10 students to our home as an escape, to them coming home is. 2017 will be her last year teaching, she retires in September and she is already worried what she needs to do to keep her occupied. But until then she is as busy as any other teacher.

Today I decided to document her and her colleague distributing pamphlets to some neighborhoods near by who come from low income backgrounds. It was 2 pm in the blistering hot sun, but that didn't seem to bother them, they stood their ground, found out where some of their students stay, got their help to get around and got their job done. Answered all the questions thrown at them from some families - good thing they had their students with them who were on stand by to tell them that the school and their teaching and coaching for the tenth standard board exams is the best! While some families were reluctant, others considered, so mum and her colleague will have to wait and see the result of their hard work once the school reopens. Here are some pictures I had taken of these women hard at work even during their days off.