Rasam Travels 1 - Kerala

Getting back on the train after many years was something. I traveled on the Garib Rath for the first time. It was very very comfortable, central A/c, blankets with bed spreads and a pillow provided, clean (ish), I didn't taste the food, too risky. The bathrooms are always the biggest minus - biggest. They stink and they're disgusting. That's all I'm going to say. And this with all the shaking, one needs to hold on to something... Even thinking about that stresses me out. Apart from that, I feel the need for preparing myself for a journey like this - eat and drink very little. Other than that, I slept really well and that's a big plus point, especially from me because I don't sleep well in a new place. But I think, because I had brought my own bed sheets, I got comfortable faster (travel tip). Once morning came, and we were in Kerala, I had to get my camera out, take some pictures, this was the highlight for my trip onward. Proud moment for me, I was initially very shy and apprehensive to get my camera out thinking everyone will stare, but I built up courage and got it out, and I'm so happy that I did. The sun was out and the light was perfect, just perfect. Once I stepped out of the compartment, the heat just hit me in my face, there was no mistaking that humid weather and the smell, it's a very distinct smell I identify with Kerala, its that sea mixed with sweat smell that I cannot miss. I actually love the humid sweaty Kerala heat, I feel it does wonders for my skin, although in the moment I crib about the sweat and the heat, but I slyly love it. Anyway, I could manage some good shots inside the compartment before our station. 

I've always loved trains, more than flights, just sitting next to a stranger, making conversations with them, sharing munchies or dinner sometimes, to the sleep routines, and then seeing them wake up all messy haired, dresses crumpled, some just sit and stare at nothing, look outside the window, many just need that tea or coffee before anything else, just sharing that small space with them for those couple of hours leaves me with so much. And then come the wait for our stop, making sure we don't miss it, we took our bags and waited for 45 minutes before our stop, and when it finally came, to see someone familiar waiting for you too, it makes the whole art of waiting worthwhile.