The Smallest Things

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact. Well, I received a very small text message from a relative, who has now become a very important, part of my life. It simply said, that he saw this website of mine and that he was proud of my achievements and he didn't want to think that nobody cared... that was it. I just needed that to make my day. Those four lines of pure, genuine care pumped with motivation and inspiration.  I cannot tell you how happy I was to see that simple message. How those lines have given me the fuel to write more, click more and share more. my heart exploded with love and respect. This is what i mean by "the smallest things".

I appreciate every 'Hey how is your health', 'You look great', 'I'm proud of you'; these maybe small to them, but it means the world to me. I love the fact that the other day, a neighbor's cousin who I saw after two years asked me about my health. It felt so good. For that brief moment I go back in time, remember all what I've been through and how I've come out of it, I feel happy and blessed. And I feel people should remember and ask about it. It wasn't a small surgery, it was big. It still is.  Renal failure affects many many people around the world. It has changed not just my life but the lives of everyone involved. When this person could ask me how my health has been, it meant so much to me. I don't understand how some of my closest (or so I thought) cousins and friends haven't. It breaks my heart. Others are so fixated with the amount of weight I gained post surgery; while I'm learning to look past it, try not to punch them in the face, it hurts. Is that all they look at? 

As for me, I'm taking small steps too. Breaking out of my cocoon post surgery, taking steps to getting better physically and mentally. From attending 'Instameets' and making friends, to getting out of the house and going for walks with Mr.Husband, meeting and making new friends to this..creating this website, talking to people and getting them to feel comfortable in front of the camera..getting in touch with people I've lost touch with. Talking. Taking that extra step. That small little step. That's all we need to take to make a big difference.