26th March, 2017

She was this shy, soft spoken girl I met around three years back. I didn't think much of her back then, we didn't speak at all. Fast forward to last December when I wanted to write to her telling her how moving I found her feed and her writing to be, I would tell Mr.Husband that I wanted to meet her, but all the encouragement he gave still dithered me, so I went back to my shy cocoon and didn't come out. All this changed till I one day saw her message telling me we should meet and catch up, almost instantly I jumped with joy and we met! 

I told her how much I admired her pictures and stories, we shared and talked and walked around central Bangalore on a cold morning. I told her how much I loved my first Instameet and how I treasured all the goodies I had got that day. We went on to discuss the possibility of arranging another meet, I told her she should get back and start again after a one year hiatus. She cringed at the idea. She said she lost the interest. But I kept pushing her to take it up.. Post that meeting, we've had so many conversations regarding walks, meets and then some. The more we spoke the more convinced she became. And then came the announcement - Instagram set the date for their annual World Wide Instameet on 25th and 26th March, 2017. We jumped and decided there was no better way for a comeback.

And so she did. Right from researching places for the meet, to the many posts about the meet, the reminders, the in-depth stories of the heritage monuments we would see, the dedication and enthusiasm she finally brought to the surface was infectious. The day finally came and the number of people who turned up over exceeded our expectation. There were people from all walks of life, students, IT professionals, professional photographers, artists, bloggers and the youngest 'grammer yet. Simply put, we celebrated kindness that morphed as - happiness, love, togetherness, and this respect for this ever growing community. 

And then this happened. We both featured on page four of the Metro Life - the supplementary paper of the Deccan Herald - our faces and all! Happy is an understatement to how I felt. I was so proud of us. We both have fought many obstacles to fight for what we love, and we will continue to do so. She taught me that the biggest obstacle is that first step. If not for her's this wouldn't have happened. And so I wrote an ode to all the firsts -  

Life is made up of a series of firsts. But those firsts are the hardest, they test your patience, they drive you up the wall, shatter your confidence, make you fall, fall hard, make you doubt and fight yourself. Question your every move - that first step. But once you take that step, when you finally stand on your two feet, show everyone how your patience and perseverance has paid off, more importantly show yourself how it feels to work for something you feel so strongly about, that this is the way, this moment and everything about it feels so right, that this is where you should be. Tell yourself. This is only the beginning.

Picture Credit - Meg