My Brother-Mother

So I thought I'd write about a very touchy subject today. My brother-mother. Why brother-mother, well because:
a) He is my brother
b) He is my mother, as in I literally have an organ of his inside me that is keeping me alive.

For the longest time, we both have had a love-hate relationship with each other. When the love is present, we're like best friends, we know each others strengths and weaknesses, we're a team, the vibe we give is infectious, we're clowns who can get any party started, we love joking and kidding around, we have each other's back, no one can mess with us, no one, no-'thing'.

Oh but when hate comes along...boy, there's another Hiroshima/Nagasaki times 10 nuclear explosion in the house, on our lives, the whole neighborhood wakes up to our thunder like fights, which used to be physical and verbal, but now with age and 'maturity' - only verbal, with all our best abuses, curse words, worst language in the English dictionary, and then non-stop crying from my end, non-stop teeth grinding from his end, non-stop banging of the doors, throwing of chappals, mom and dad trying their best to curb the anger, its a riot! And of the rare outsider who get to witness this absolute debacle - with a carton of popcorn - entertainment!

And then comes the calm (sort off); while i'm still in tears, mom would urge my brother to apologize first, cause he's older; he would somehow give in after mom pulls one of her emotional blackmail tricks from her hat. I for some reason would not accept, I would take time, do some more drama, cry a little more, get some more love and sympathy from mom and dad, make dad scream at him a little more, and then finally if I'm happy with the results, I would accept and apologize too (sometimes, if i am to blame too, which is rare).

This scenario has played at our home for a hundred years, and it goes the same way every single time. Will we ever learn? I don't think so.

We are currently fighting still - read previous blog (which was more emotional and yes that was about my brother) - and our talks on the phone have become formal, sticking to the point types, very short. And now that he's moving back to Bangalore, back into the house, the fights may or may not be more frequent. I'm hoping for not, cause we both are married, mature adults and we need to somehow not get in each other's face all the time. Although Mr.Husband has been a witness to many of these fights, I hope, really hope for the sake of my sister-in-law this does not happen in front of that sweet little thing. She will be scarred for life. Let me be honest, he's not the best person to live with - he is as spoilt as me, throws tantrums, has a horribly short temper - he needs to see an anger management therapist for sure - and he thinks with his heart, all...the...time. 

His heart, his big bloody heart. If you happen to be one of his close friends, you have a friend of life. He will do anything, anything. And for family, well there is nothing that he hasn't and wouldn't do, unless its impossible - but he will still try his very best to do / get it for you. He is the quintessential 'big brother' you have to hide your phone from, your boyfriends from, your girlfriends from, the remote, your room, your things, your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you get the picture right?

Me? I'm just the sweet little angel sister who does nothing wrong, ask my brother!