I conceived this website in my mind a year back. I wanted a place where all my pictures and thoughts collide. And lately, I've given in, I've submitted to the creative, spontaneous, illogical, carefree, side. Where I don't think, but act. Where my emotions, feelings, thoughts, opinions, get the better of me.

My rebirth has opened my eyes, soul and heart. I don't like things I used to. I don't dress the way I used to,  I speak when I'm not asked, I share my opinion and I want everyone to listen. I want to click, speak, cry, laugh, dance and run like no one's watching.

I've opened myself to people. Fought, argued, cried with myself. Laughed at myself. I feel there is so much I've been missing, too many times I have left words hanging. So much to learn and unlearn. And for that I had to know myself first.

How do you be by yourself? What do you do the whole day?
A question I've been asked over and over and over.
I've gotten to know myself, learnt to live and deal with myself.
In this house I write. I think. 
I don't force myself..
I submit.