Its all in the name (part 2)

I want you to share this timeline with me... So when I know something, you will too. For instance, the title of this post. Its about my handle ie. rasam_sambar. All this while I thought I got the nick name from college, but to my surprise, a school classmate got in touch with me just a few days back. And what does she start the message off with?? I'll tell you! "Hi Rasam!!" Boom. There it was, staring at me. Telling me how wrong I was to think this started in college. Stupid stupid.

So, here you go. I was called Rasam in school and my super friends at college decided to add the Sambar just for kicks. And I now own two domains in that very name.

Somethings just don't leave us, they just stick with you until you learn to love them and then become them. Don't question it.