Welcome to me

This is always the toughest part..the beginning. how it all started. or how to start. 

But since this website is all about photography and my journey with it, lets stick to that.

I've always been fascinated with pictures and people with big cameras. i used to always wonder what they saw. Fast forward to 2015 January when I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, that brought my life to a pause...a long pause. Up until then, I was your average 26 year old, just married with no kids and no job. No idea of what I wanted to do or what I wanted from life. But that test report changed my life. Looking back now, it all seems so surreal, the way it happened, and how it has changed everyone's life; most of all my brother's. He, my hero, donated his kidney on April 24, '15.

So I remember nights I spent in the hospital ICU after the transplant. After a week or so, I demanded that I be reunited with my phone because I had no company other than the monitors and the nurses. And so I got my phone back. With that and the hospital Wifi, I streamed endless episodes of SNL (Saturday Night Live), beauty tutorials and my favorite, Instagram. 

I spent nights with my phone with the Instagram app open, viewing pictures and beautiful captions and poetry and for the first time I felt myself wanting to learn more. To see more. The angles, the position, the creative apps that completely changed the look and feel of a picture completely intrigued me. My recovery period was spent with my phone camera open, often trying to capture images and trying new creative edits on them. My mind was blown. The more time I spent taking pictures, going through the feeds of other photographers, the more I learnt the more I enjoyed my time.

Another escape of expressing myself was through words. I would sit up and write all that I felt and was going through, I felt no one understood me and felt alone a lot of the times, so, I took to penning down all my feelings. This coupled with photography proved to be extremely therapeutic for me.

Now, close to five years since the kidney transplant, a canon DSLR and a couple of blogs later that I have now started to get a hand on things, learn to live life as a kidney recipient, travel, click and never take anything for granted. Photography and writing in a way saved me and has shown me things I never thought I could experience, express emotions, find peace, happiness and love. So welcome to me, my rebirth and evolution with my weapons of choice - words and my trusty camera. Enjoy.