The Eighth Day - Ep 6 - Faulty Faculty

Pure and permeable, the minds eye is asleep without rest, bordered by a meandering stream of broken thoughts. The limitless confines of which I am observant and unafraid. It's plentitude, however, fails to dissuade my inclination to be consumed.

An unrelieved  canvas awaits devastation, illumined by the song of sorrow, tantalized by the promise of delight. Life's longing for itself precipitated by the waxing and waning of notion. Birth and death in search of definition. A churning that is eclipsed by its own reflection. Evidenced by the words and deeds of a body - mind complex, seemingly unthreatened by extinction or its design. Extant ephemeral fallacies, welcomed as the basis of life, veiling this carnal imprisonment.

The mind - A labyrinthine complexity of cognitive coagulation, staging echoes that bleed on repeat.