The month that was....

So September went by in a jiffy. With my lappy gone berserk- I guess I overloaded it with too many songs and pictures, it was bound to crash. But now that I've got it back, let me update you on the month that was.. September! It is my favorite month, holler to all my Virgo peeps! I'm no Virgo myself, but its the sign I'm most compatible with, honest! I love my Virgo sisters, friends - I find they're so easy to get along with, and so much fun. And lucky me, I found a Virgo husband too. Now, I'm not into astrology, I'm literally stating a fact. Most of the women I'm super close to in my life are all Virgos! So there, not a believer, but they make me one! So you can imagine the number of birthdays that came up, and not to forget mentioning the biggest birthday - Mr husband's 30th birthday.

The big 30. Obviously I had to do something big. Since we are not your regular 'young couple' we are the opposite. We are the oldest 30 year old's in Bangalore - I guarantee it. We don't party, we hit the bed by max 11pm, we don't eat out very often, we love grocery shopping, we love staying in, we don't like loud noises..the list is endless. I rest my case. So I did what no other young spouse would do, I booked tickets - not to Goa - but to Kabini. You can read about it here. Of course the surprise didn't end there, I got him a made-to-order sketch done by a friend I met during Instagram's World Wide Instameet's. Goutham is a wonderful, talented artist who's work bowled us over during the meet. His intricate sketches, and attention to detail are fantastic. So I told MrG to incorporate three things that the husband really loves - the stock market, chess and robotics. For any queries you can reach him here

The month also saw a ton of rain, earthquakes and then some across the world. But for us Bangaloreans the rain was enough to send the city into a tangent. I for one, fell sick - not once, but twice - the same month. But with each sickness, it opens my eyes to the many blessings in my life, the humanity in people, the warmth and love that goes around more than the germs. 

With October here, I'm looking forward to many many changes. Excited and scared of what is to come, I can't wait for it all to begin. I'm behind the wheel this time :) 

Picture Credit - Goutham

Picture Credit - Goutham