Rasam Travels II

It takes a village to make you realize you don't want to be in the village. Maybe live there for 3-4 days but then run as fast as you can back to the city.. Too much fresh air can be bad for us city kids. As for the resort, Red Earth, this stunning little patch of paradise right in the middle of rural/village life.  Each guest is given this luxurious cottage complete with a private Jacuzzi. No WiFi and no range will make one realize your hands really don't know what to do without a device attached to it. And how many times can one person get it on? Damn the Jacuzzi and the massive King's size bed and the birds and bees - damn you! My hands had to grab on to something! Lucky for me Mr.Husband was right there. For those who want to procreate / recreate - this is the place.

Beauty and wilderness all around! And Kabini is does that to you and more - a paradise of fresh air with a picture perfect village life, complete with cows, smell of cow dung, wild flowers, wild boars and of course wild life - Tigers, Elephants, Back Panthers - what have you. And although I missed seeing the Tigers and Leopards, the tusker is always there, minding it's business, not caring about the loud roaring from the engine, the fifteen french nationals awing in harmony, the hundreds of cameras clicking away. He just stood there, with a bird on his back, eating away all the insects. Our man, was in his own world eating away, without a care. How nice if we could all be like Elephants no?

Before Kabini I forgot how it was to make conversation with absolute strangers. Making conversations online is something we're all experts of I'm sure, but breaking the ice while sitting next to the driver in a cramped safari vehicle was something I never imagined doing in my wildest dreams. It felt so good having a conversation over chai, while standing on the side of a national highway, fighting mosquitoes. All this while throwing in the occasional Kannada slang so the others could know I could understand every.single.word.they.spoke. All this conversation and we didn't take a selfie?! I loved it.

With her river full after three long dry years - her 'state' reminded me of my own. Only when she is full, will she make everything and everyone around her feel satiated too. The birds, the cows, the farmers - all happy with her nearly full waters. Even the tigers had enough water with them that they didn't have the make the effort to come all the way outside to get some. Life was beating loud with her generosity. 

When I visited Kabini years back along with the organisation I worked for, I decided she was my happy place. The silence all around, the crickets. It felt like my ears had turned their volume all the way up, desperate to hear. The volume was so darn high that i heard the beating of my own ear drums! it felt so out of my comfort zone, way of out my cozy little bubble, hearing nothing almost sent me into a panic attack, but then, I hear the cricket, see a huge lizard on the roof, feel the fresh river breeze telling me, 'soak it all in, breathe, it's all right'. Nothing has changed since then, the people - ever friendly, the river - ever flowing, the air, even beer tastes better here. With a mere four hour drive from Bangalore, your there. 

I wanted to make this trip as an excuse to show Mr Husband the wonders of our country. I'm so happy I stared with my happy place - Kabini.