The Eighth Day - Ep 4 - Cockcrow

Lulling myself as I transition from a drowse. So minded, I am bestirred by the discernible sound of a prayer call. Enrobed by the chill of the morning, I sense the purring of those, still asleep beside me. I don't want to open my eyes, not yet. The dissonance of chirping birds impel my heavy lids to part. Greeted by the right blend of blue and grey, I see dawn, bashfully merging into my room. The beauty of the western sky is most often unnoticed as the sun prepares to make an appearance. I am awake. Night has been conquered.

Stifled by dissuasion, I long to return to my dream. Hope, veiled by resolve compels me to try. It's not an impossible feat, but the impending uncertainty lingers. Where am I going?

A wisp of the night before promises an array of options. The vision I see through eyes shut are Intrepid. Getting lost as I try to find my way. I am neither here nor there. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step or in my case a single snooze.