Moving Bus

Moving car
Moving train
Moving bus

Clothes torn
Waist down
Fingers pushed
Hands pushed
Rod pushed

Four Men
One boy

Curtains closed
World shut

This is my nightmare
She lived, screemed and screeched

Lying naked on the hard tar road
Covered in their cowardice
A human, one from our own race, with our own face
Suffered in disgrace

Five years forward
Five years late

Finally the all supreme
Heard her plea
"Hang the four but let the boy scot-free"

Justice! Justice at last!
Kudos to the Indian Judicial System
Kudos to the 'brave'!
Kudos to us!

This is what we need.
this is what she needed to rest in peace.
For this was her 'fate' and what 'god intended'

Kudos. Kudos.