The Eighth Day - Ep 3 - Squabble

A Haberdashery of thoughts clouded my mind and gained control of my body. Basking in the aftershock of an argument that had nowhere to go. The point of contention being, misconstrued intention. Weakness prevails. The wavering nature of the human condition cannot be silenced by notions of a middle path. It always has to be one or the other extreme. Right and wrong, is what I'm talking about. Trying to sort out thoughts, words and actions into one of these categories, has become the answer for most of us. Of course, perspective plays a key role here. Acknowledging and appreciating the fact that everybody has an opinion or a vista, sometimes comes easily. After all, a broken clock is right twice a day. The proverbial clock here, refers to you and I. Or anybody else for that matter.

But what next? How do you extend a reach, without trying to look like you want to come out on top? Without trying to look like you're right? Are you right in the first place? Should you settle for agreein to disagree? Everyone knows that trick, it's simply an eye wash. And hindsight is always 20/20.