Rasika Prasad


If you're reading this, thanks for taking the time to read through my website. I am an amateur photographer born and bred in Bangalore. I wasn't always interested in  photography, but ever since a health glitch which took a considerable period to recover, I took to this medium to express my self and haven't looked back. 

I absolutely love this city and the people, so, you will see a lot of street photography. I love the outdoors, being among people, talking to people and getting a tiny glimpse into their lives. Off late, I have also taken a keen interest in getting to know my roots and where my ancestors roamed; Kerala. So you will see a lot of that too. I love story telling through my pictures, I also love expressing my self through a picture, if the mood and the colours stir something inside me. While the colour pictures gives me a feel of the entire place, I have a special corner and liking for Black and White pictures where it forces you to focus on the subject and the details of that. 

Photography lets me drown into myself and letting the lens be my only eye and guide. Being behind the camera somehow lets one see a whole other view and perspective I feel. So welcome to me, have a look around, and if you like what you see..hit me up!